Native Union has announced the new Indigo Collection, a variety of everyday essentials you need to power or protect your tech in a shade of heather blue. The Collection includes cables, chargers, and soft goods like carrying cases. There’s actually a lot of variety here that starts with some simple cables and advances to wireless charging pads and organizers. Collect the whole set and go out in style.

Key Cable

The Key Cable is a Lightning to USB-A charging cable with a key chain and over-sized monkey knot. You’ll be able to charge your device from any USB outlet even while you’re out and about. This one starts at $29.99.

Night Cable 

The Night Cable is a 10-foot Lightning port to USB-A charging cable that also has an over-sized monkey knot. The knot can be used to anchor the cable to your desk or a nightstand (hence the name). That way you don’t have to go searching for the cable end when you need to plug in. Look for the Night Cable at a starting price of $39.99.

Belt Cable

The Belt Cable is a 4-foot Lightning to USB-A charging cable that comes with a genuine leather belt. Forget about those tangled messes at the bottom of the bag. Don’t worry about getting your cables all wrapped around each other. The leather strap looks good and helps you keep your cords organized. The basic Belt Cable starts at $24.99, but you can upgrade to the Belt Cable XL, which is 10 feet long, for $34.99. A cable that long means you don’t have to spend your life hovering around your home’s wall outlets.

Drop Wireless Charger

Starting at $59.99, the Drop Wireless Charger works with the iPhone 8 and entire iPhone X lineup for up to 7.5W charging power. It can charge other Qi-compatible devices up to 10W. The silicone tread on the pad keeps your device in place and prevents overheating. You can add another $10 to the price to make this one a set and include a smart charger with dual USB ports that lets you charge two devices at once.

Discover the whole collection at the Native Union’s official website. You’ll get free shipping for everything over $59, and all Native Union products are covered by at least a one-year warranty.

Via: iMore

Source: Native Union


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