Xiaomi unveiled the world’s first 30W fast wireless charging technology and teased a 30W vertical air-cooled wireless charger at a special event in September. Now the Xiaomi 30W Vertical Air-Cooled Wireless Charger is officially on sale in China, which retails for 199 CNY (28 USD). Heres’s our teardown review.

I Unboxing

The box features a large clear window for product display.

Side view.

It is Qi certified.Model: MDY-11-EGInput: 5V-20V, 2.25A Max

Package contents: wireless charger, power adapter, USB-A to USB-C cable, user manual.

The USB-A to USB-C cable. It is a special cable that supports PD.

The charger has a single USB-A port, the prongs are unfoldable.

Charger model: MDY-10-EX (It is also the Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G version’s in-box charger)

Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.2A

Output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 10V/4A, 20V/2.25A Max

Manufacturer: Salcomp (one of the world’s power adapter manufacturers)

The wireless charger has a clean aesthetic with a top in white and a base in grey.

It starts charging instantly when a phone is placed in.

Side view.


Each of the four corners of the base has a silicone anti-slip rubber pad.

Ventilation on the back. The fan is fairly quiet.

The USB-C input port.

A non-slip silicone pad on the base.

The air exhaust from the gap.

Put the Xiaomi 9 in, it shows that it is getting fast wireless charging.

II Teardown

There are four screws under the rubber pads on the bottom.

You can already tell it’s a high quality charger at the glimpse of the inside, if you read a lot of our teardowns. On the top is a counterweight iron, which makes the wireless charging more stable. Below is the shield. A film capacitor is used as the resonant capacitor, which is reinforced with glue. There is a Bluetooth antenna on the right side.

Above the weight iron block is the light guide strip for the LED indicator, which is shaded by black tape.

Open the wireless charging cover. Below is a centrifugal fan that draws air from the bottom and blows the air out to cool the coil and the phone.

The fan is fixed by two screws.

A hydrodynamic bearing fan from Dongguan Hongying.

The wireless charging coil and the thermistor are connected to the underlying circuit board by wires.

The solder joints are well done.

In the middle of the coil is a thermistor that detects the temperature of the phone.

Remove the parts all out.

There are several test points on the back of the PCB, and the area for the resonant capacitor is hollowed out to reduce the thickness.

Close-up of the USB Type-C port.

Two shields, underneath are the main circuit of wireless charging.

The resonant capacitor has a capacity of 0.25μF.

Force open the two shields reveals a wireless charging circuit, underneath the small shield on the right side is a Bluetooth circuit.

Inside the shield are a Bluetooth chip and a passive crystal.

A 24MHz passive crystal.

A Bluetooth chip with marking E96374.

Let’s take a look at the wireless charging part. The wireless charging circuit has only two ICs, and the integration level is very high.

Cypress CYPD3171 USB Type-C port controller.

Detailed specifications of the Cypress CYPD3171.

The NuVolta NU1513 is a highly integrated digital controller for 30W wireless charging transmitters that comply with the WPC EPP standard. Together with the NU1020’s power ICs, it represents a simple, high performance, cost-effective wireless charging transmitter solution for a wide range of applications.
The NU1513 integrates all the basic functions to provide stable power and maintains stable communication with WPC-compatible receivers. The two-chip turnkey design works with the smallest, most integrated power stage IC NU1020 to provide a very space-saving solution.

The NuVolta NU1020 is a highly integrated full-bridge power IC optimized for wireless charging transmitter solutions. The IC integrates all key functions such as high efficiency power FETs, low EMI FET drivers, bootstrap circuitry, 5V integrated DC/DC power supply, 3.3V (configurable 2.5V) LDO and lossless current measurement. A proprietary current measurement circuit provides accurate current reading for FOD (foreign object detection) power measurement, in-band communication, Q-value detection and digital demodulation.

Two Schottky diodes.

Vanguard Semiconductor VS3510AE PMOS for input protection.

Detailed specifications of the Vanguard Semiconductor VS3510AE.

Size comparison with RMB 1 yuan coin.

All the components.

III Conclusion

With a price tag similar to some of the premium single coil 10W wireless chargers, while offering much more charging power, the Xiaomi 30W Vertical Air-Cooled Wireless Charger seems like a wireless charger from a different category, just like the Huawei 27W SuperCharge Wireless Charger (CP61) we teared down earlier.

Sadly high wattage wireless chargers are all brand exclusive for now. Hopefully, in the future, we could have a universal high wattage wireless charging standard.

In terms of internals, the Xiaomi 30W Vertical Air-Cooled Wireless Charger continues the brand’s thoughtful design and layout, with high quality components and a fan to ensure performance and longevity of the unit. The adoption of NuVolta wireless charging solution offers high integration, high performance, and high efficiency.


30W wireless charging.

High quality components.

Reasonably priced (includes a 45W charger, 199RMB/28USD in China).


30W wireless charging is limited to Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G version.

Source: chongdiantou


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