We now have a sea of wireless charging pads on the market with different price points since the launch of iPhone 8. And most of them have similar design and feature. However, the Power Cube X3 from Mipow begs to differ.

According to Mipow, Power Cube X3 is the world’s first Apple MFi Certified Built-in cable PD fast charging power bank. PD technology basically enables your device to take on more power in a shorter amount of time, which translates to superfast charging. Many of the most popular mobile devices, including iPhones and Galaxy devices, are PD-enabled. It increases the amount of power that can be delivered to your device in a specific amount of time. So, you don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting around for your phone to charge.

Power Cube X3 combines wired and wireless charging. With up to 18W maximum input power compared to the standard charger that comes in a box which can only deliver up to 5W, Power Cube X3 can recharge iPhone X to 50% full within 30 minutes. It’s a wireless charger that works wherever you take it, with no power sockets or cables needed. Perfect for daily use, travel, camping, hiking or even carrying on the plane. It is now $69.99 at Amazon.


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