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Just as we leaked earlier, after years of shipping a 5W charger in the box with iPhones, Apple finally decided to include an 18W fast charger with the iPhone 11 Pro, along with a USB-C to Lightning cable because you need both to fast charging your iPhone 8 or later. The Apple 18W charger is great as our teardown reveals, but in case you are in need of an extra charger, or you are an iPhone 11 owner who wants to replace the in-box 5W charger, here’s our pick of the best chargers for the iPhone 11 series (and iPhone 8 or later). But before shopping, here’s two tips that you have to keep in mind.

One: buy a USB-C charger that supports USB PD (Power Delivery). As shown below:

Two: Buy a USB-C charger that supports USB PD (Power Delivery). As shown below:

Our Top Picks (Chargers)

Best Overall (Single Port)

RAVPower PD Pioneer 30W GaN Charger

There’s a lot to like about this charger from Ravpower. It is ultra compact, has foldable prongs, and uses GaN technology to offer high efficiency. Plus, it can charge your laptop if your laptop supports PD. Originally priced at $25 and now constantly discounted at around $20 at Amazon, it is our top pick.

Best Premium (Single Port)

Apple 18W PD Charger A1695

Yes, we have to put Apple’s 18W charger in our list, for its unmatched use of top level components. The use of Japanese capacitors ensures reliability and longevity, and custom PI and Cypress chips deliver high performance and high efficiency. Make sure it says “ships from and sold by” to avoid counterfeits.

Best Budget (Single Port)

ZMI 18W PD Charger HA711

ZMI, one of the first Xiaomi-funded ecosystem companies, offers some of the best budget-friendly products on the market. This ZMI 18W PD charger is USB-IF certified, uses high quality components, and is smaller and lighter than the Apple 18W charger. We think it is the best PD charger in the $10 range. But you have to wait until its Oct. 10 to get it on Amazon (ZMI’s sales network really has to catch up in the North America).

Budget Alternative (Single Port)

AmazonBasics 18W PD Charger

We haven’t tested it yet, but as a trusted brand for its high quality value propositions, this 18W PD charger from AmazonBasics seems petty legit if you can’t wait for the ZMI’s. It has foldable prongs.

Best Overall (Multiport)

ZMI zPower 3-Port Charger HA832

It is difficult to recommend multiport chargers since we all have different kinds of gadgets. However, the ZMI zPower 3-Port Charger HA832 is hard to beat with its USB-C port (45W max) and two USB-A ports (18W split), at a killer $26 price tag.

Our Top Picks (Cables)

Best Cable

Anker Powerline II USB-C to Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified 3ft/0.8m

The go-to USB-C to Lightning cable. High quality, robust, and comes with lifetime warranty.

Best Braided Cable

Benks Nylon Braided USB-C to Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified 4ft/1.2m

Durable braided cable at the price of a normal TPE cable. 2-year warranty.

Best Short Cable

Momax USB-C to Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified 1ft/0.3m

Momax is a veteran in the mobile accessory business. And this Short MFi certified cable offers the best cost-performance ratio. 2-year warranty.

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