Apple adopted USB PD fast charging protocol for its iPhones since 2017, however, the included charging kit does not support PD fast charging. So if you want to charge your iPhone quickly, you need to purchase an additional set which includes the 18W USB-C Power Adapter (29USD) plus a USB-C to Lightning Charge Cable (19USD) at a total cost of 48USD which is pretty steep.

As a leading brand in creative digital accessories industry since 2008, Benks thinks high quality fast charging accessories should be accessible for everyone.

On May 18, 2019, Benks held its “2019 Apple Fast Charging New Product Launch Event” in Dream Paradise, Shenzhen. The event introduced a number of new accessories, including Apple fast charging accessories including PD charger, USB Type-C to Lightning cables, PD power banks, all with aggressive price tags. As Benks put it, it wants to popularize fast charging for iPhone users.

More than 100 fans arrived at the event. Along with media and distributor representatives.

The beautiful hostess introduced the event to the audience.

Zhang Kaixin, Head of Marketing, introduced us to the Benks brand, its product lines, the many honors that Benks won over the years and some future prospects.

With its brand concept of “LEAVE THE THINKING TO US”, Benks aims at providing high quality mobile phone accessories for end-users in the worldwide and believes that innovation changes life. Benks’ products include protective films, protective cases, data cables, chargers, power banks and other digital accessories.

Lin Xiaoyu, Head of Product, introduced a variety of USB Type-C to Lightning Apple fast charging cables. All of them passed the rigid Apple MFi certification and can enable PD fast charging iPhone 8 or later iPhones and new iPads.

The cables come with a variety of length, color, and material specifications. There are 0.25m, 1.2m lengths, TPE and Aramid fiber materials to meet the preferences of different consumers. In addition to the rich specifications, Benks also has unique insights into the industrial design of the cable. For example, the fast charging cable with dual L-shaped connectors enables users to comfortably hold their phones with their phones charging in gaming sessions.

PA32, PA33, PA35 PD chargers were also unveiled. They all passed 3C safety certification, among which PA32 is an 18W single-port charger, PA33 is a 30W single-port charger, and PA35 is a multi-port 1A+1C 30W charger, all support Apple PD fast charging.

Of course, there were new power bank models. At the event, Benks launched the world’s first MFi certified power bank with a built-in Lightning cable, the PBM01.

Cai Guangheng, Head of Domestic Sales, introduced the “Benks Apple Fast Charging Popularization Plan” to everyone, pointing out that Benks is committed to becoming a revolutionary, making high quality fast charging accessories accessible for everyone.

Within the newly launched product line, the most eye-catching products were definitely the Benks M13 Apple fast charging cable and PA32 Apple fast charging charger. At the event, Cai Guangheng, Head of Domestic Sales, unveiled the price of the two products, which are 39.9RMB and 29RMB respectively. As a set, they retail for just 64.9RMB which makes it the most affordable MFi certified Apple fast charging kit.

Cai Guangheng also announced the release time for the 0.25m fast charging cable, braided cord metal connector fast charging cable, and the fast charging cable with dual L-shaped connectors. They will be released in May, June, and July, respectively.

The PB11 and PB12 PD fast charging power banks with retail for 79RMB and 99RMB, respectively.

The world’s first MFi certified power bank with a built-in Lightning cable, the PBM01, retails for 99RMB.

Fans were impressed by the pricing of the PBM01.

For each fan who came to the conference, Benks prepared a handful of gifts, including MFi USB Type-C to Lightning braided cable, PD charger, and PD car charger.

Fans at the event.


Active fans.

Active fans.

The atmosphere of the event came to its hottest with the lucky draw session. A total of 6 lucky winners got gifts including ET03 TWS earphones, ET04 Bluetooth sports headphones, and AirPods second-gen with wireless charging.

The lucky guy who won the AirPods second-gen with wireless charging.

Hands-on area. In addition to the products launched on the stage, Benks also exhibited a variety of products including protective film, Corning Gorilla Glass protective film, portable fan, snake-shaped cable and power banks.

Fans got their hands-on.

Benks prepared delicious snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy. The Benks 2019 Apple Fast Charging New Product Launch Event was successfully concluded.


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