OPSO 20cm USB-C to Lightning Short Braided Cable Review: Perfect Companion for Power Banks

You must be familiar with this: when using your iPhone while charging it with a power bank, there is always a long cord accompanied. Gradually, the cable gets tangled with your arm or your clothes, and sometimes it may bring down other small items, what chaos! At this very moment, you’d better have a short cable instead. Today we are going to review the 20cm/7.9in MFi certified USB-C to Lightning cable from OPSO.

I. Unboxing

While OPSO shares high reputation as a MFi OEM/ODM manufacturer working for many famous brands, they also make products under their own brand. This OPSO USB-C to Lightning cable comes with a simple white box.

Manufacturer and certification info on the back. The model MF-SC34 can be found in Apple’s MFi website.

MFi introduction on the side.

Compatibility notes on the other side.

The cable’s workmanship is outstanding. It has a braided cord which is soft and flexible. The connectors are made using injection molding with Aluminum alloy shells, making it strong and robust.

Close-up of the braided cord. Cross braiding of nylon filaments is firm and tight, with no fiber pick.

The matte finish of the metal connector feels premium.

OPSO logo on the Lightning connector. The pins are silver instead of gold, since the C94 connector has upgraded its electroplating process from gilding to rhodium and ruthenium plating.

The USB-C connector is clean.

A look at the USB-C inside pins which are USB2.0 compatible.

Extra thickness at the bottom of the connector makes it resistant to bending and cracking.

Cable diameter is 3.19mm.

Cable length is 24cm.

The 24cm length is perfect for power banks. No more entangled cables.

II Things to know about Apple fast charging

Fast charging gives you a quick and convenient way to recharge your iPhone 8 or later. You need a USB-C charger that supports USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) and a USB-C to Lightning cable. Traditional USB-A chargers do not support USB-PD.

III Charging test

First of all, we need to check the Lightning connector. Using unauthorized connector can lead to incompatible problems which may harm your device. Using ChargerLAB Power-Z MF001 tester we knew that the ASIC and PMU were original C94 and the score was 100 of 100.

Use the Apple 18W PD charger and OPSO USB-C to Lightning cable to charge the iPhone XS Max, we are getting 9.05V 1.87A 16.93W, under PD protocol.

Use the Apple 61W PD charger and OPSO USB-C to Lightning cable to charge the iPhone Pro 10.5-inch, we are getting 15.1V 1.56A 23.57W, under PD protocol.

Use the Apple 18W PD charger and OPSO USB-C to Lightning cable to charge the Yoobao 30BOOK power bank, we are getting 9.04V 2A 18.11W, under PD protocol.

Summarized above.

IV ChargerLAB conclusion

The OPSO USB-C to Lightning is simple yet robust.

The 24cm length is perfect for power banks. MFi certification provides perfect USB-PD fast charging compatibility.

If you already own a USB-C to Lightning cable with regular length, and are looking for a short one for portability, then the OPSO 20cm USB-C to Lightning cable is highly recommended.

Source: chongdiantou



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