Zikko is now raising funds for its brand new global travel adapter – the eLUGGAGE X-max with GaN Tech on Kickstarter. Very similar to the Passport Go GaN by Zendure that we reported earlier, it is an all-in-one solution that combines a global adapter, multiport charger, and a global socket in a compact package. Furthermore, it packs advanced features like an auto-resetting fuse, 3-pin ground connection, anti-electric shock separator, and more.

The specifications are as follows:

The eLUGGAGE X-max with GaN tech on Kickstarter starts from $55 (Super early bird price, retails for $79). The price is pretty steep, but it is the most advanced global travel adapter besting the Passport Go GaN by Zendure. Check it out on Kickstarter now.


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