On June 20th, vivo announced on its social media account that it will unveal a brand new 5G device at the MWC19 Shanghai on June 26.

Vivo teases insane 120W FlashCharge technology in its newly-released poster. It claims that it only takes 13 minutes to fully charge a 4000mAh battery. If that’s true, it will be the fastest charging technology for mobile devices.

Previously, Vivo created 44W fast charging for its sub-brand, iQOO. The iQOO phone has one of the fastest charging speed among Snapdragon 855 flagships, which can fully charge its 4000mAh battery in just 45 minutes.

According to Vivo, iQOO uses a new charge pump technology with a conversion rate of 97% and FFC technology to achieve 44W high efficiency and high speed.

Now the faster 120W FlashCharge is coming soon. According to official information, the Vivo 120W FlashCharge may be first adopted on the Vivo 5G smartphone. As for whether it will be mass-produced for commercial use, we will wait until June 26 for the official release at MWC19 Shanghai. So stay tuned to ChargerLAB for more exciting tech news!

Source: Vivo (weibo)


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