ChargerLAB previously reported a hacked USB-C to Lightning cable that supports 18W fast charging without using the required C94 module from Apple. Now the hack comes to a new form: a USB-C to Lightning adapter.

As our reader Fazal Majid pointed out under our Lightning Cable Guide, although all-in-one cables with integrated adaptors enable us to charge all types of devices, they are all based on a micro-USB port for conversion which means they just can’t fast charging your iPhone 8 or later at 18W.

So how about converting a USB-C to USB-C cable into a USB-C to Lightning cable with an adapter? Well, you could, since there are already cheap USB-C to Lightning adapters on Amazon. But like the micro-USB to Lightning adapters, none of them supports 18W fast charging for iPhones. Some manufacturers use MFi-certified C94 modules to build 18W-capable USB-C to Lightning adapters, but these are very hard to find.

However things are about to change with an unknown team in Shenzhen coming up with a USB-C to Lightning adapter that supports 18W fast charging for iPhones. It is a standard USB-C female to Lighting male adapter, pictured as follows.

It doesn’t use the Apple C94 module which means it will be cheap. But pricing and availability are still unconfirmed. We’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned!

Source: chongdiantou


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