Last week, ChargerLab unboxed Mophie’s second-generation wireless charger (Charge Stream Pad+) and found that the charging brick has a control chip that uses the previous generation of NXP was replaced by Yi Chong Wireless, which previously only supported Apple. 7.5W fast charge. Today, we’ll do a teardown to examine.

The charging brick has a USB-A port, with a grippy, matte finish.

The front of the brick has Mophie’s logo on it.

And there are the specs. You can see the model number: A138A-120150U-US2, and it supports 5V3A/9V2A/12V1.5A output. The plug has a stainless steel feel.

The cable uses micro-USB, but it is well crafted.

Opening up to see what’s inside.

Input fuses, common mode inductors, NTC surge suppression resistors are all available.

You can see the battery capacity here at 15uF.

Here’s the Y inverter.

Two 16V330uF capactity cells.

IW671 chipset.


Jilin Hua Microelectronics JCS7HN65V, primary switch, 7A, 650V with 1.35Ω resistance.

ChargerLab summary:
Compared with the standard power adapter of the previous generation of wireless chargers, the work is good. For the average user, the biggest difference lies in the output, from the previous generation’s 24.7W (19V1.3A) power to the highest 18W (5V3A/ 9V2A/12V1.5A) power. Mophie first-generation wireless charger supports Apple 7.5W fast charge, mophie second-generation wireless charger upgrade supports Apple 7.5W + Samsung 10W fast charge visible, although adapter power becomes smaller, but no effect on mophie second generation wireless charging.


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