Anker is known as one of the more reliable phone and power accessories makers out there and at this past Mobile World Congress it introduced two new wireless chargers: a more traditional charging pad named the PowerWave 7.5 and a vertical stand the PowerWave 7.5 Stand. Today we have an  unboxing of the latter.

Anker’s standard packaging applies can be found here: a white box with blue text. As you can see it says the PowerWave 7.5 Stand supports Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 3.0, which is the standard supported by the iPhone X and most Android phones.

Standard packaging details on the back, giving customers a bit of useful information.

Look closely at the box and you’ll see that the outline of the charger has been carved into the box — not just painted on. This adds a bit of high end touch to what would otherwise be generic packaging.

Inside the box you’ll find the charging stand, a power outlet, an instruction booklet, and a USB cable.

The neatly-wrapped cable is a Micro-USB and not USB-C, but the outlet clearly states its QC 3.0 prowess again.

The charging brick has a single USB-output port, but as you can see, it supports Anker’s IQ charging tech, which will intelligently keep power from overcharging.

The two leg plug is foldable for a more compact feel when not in use.

Here comes the star of the show: the PowerWave 7.5 Stand charging dock. It’s in all white, with an Anker logo centered.

The dock stands at a roughly 60-degree angle, propping the phone at an angle that’s easy to see and interact with. You’ll be able to see notifications on your phone while it’s being charged.

Look at the back of the dock’s base, you’ll see that there’s vents and a bit of thickness — no doubt storing some advanced Anker tech inside.

Underneath the dock you’ll find the fine print: model number A2522, 10W output power, 12V 1.5A input.

There’s a circular LED light on the front of the dock, to let the user know charging status. When it’s in the middle of charge the light will be blue.

There’s a vent on the back for heat dissipation. Anker has a long history of making chargers so this should do the trick. The dock is L shaped so heat is pushed out through the other vent. The dock uses micro-USB to power up and the plug is on the back, right next to the large vent.

PART 2: Taking the Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand Apart

Cracking open the case, we see two symmetrical power boards inside.

The tiny board has two LED lights.

Inside the two charging coils, each connected with a temperature detection wire to prevent overheating.

The two circular coils are glued to ensure stability inside the case.

The main board is attached to a fan.

The fan is manufactured by AVC, and is powered by 5V0.3A, which allows it  cool heat quickly.

The motherboard has two charging coils to account for the dock’s vertical design, with three half-bridge drivers connected to each coil.

The WP80025 model number you see here is a wireless charging control chip launched by Yichong Wireless. Our research shows that rit supports Qi-BPP 5W, Apple 7.5W fast charging, and Samsung 10W fast charging at 12V input, 10W efficiency 67-75%.

An LM324 chip produced by TI.

The inductive charging tech has been protected against signal interference.

STI3472 chipset has a 600Khz efficieny rate that can ouput at 3.5-18V, it’s the largest output possible for a 2A board.
Conclusion: Anker’s PowerWave 7.5 Stand has an active cooling design that should be praised. That built-in fan takes away from the heat generated by the coil and circuit board, which helps the charge remain safe. The combination of wireless and charging material inside, as well as the expensive NPO capacitors make this a high-end piece of charging tech that is well built and well designed.


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