It’s safe to say that most consumers are not aware that the iPhone X and 8 are capable of fast charging, since Apple barely mentioned the feature during its introduction of the phones, and in typical Apple fashion, the company doesn’t include a fast charging cable or a brick that’s capable of pumping out juice at 29-, 61-, or 87-watt voltage.
In fact, even on Apple’s offical iPhone X/8 pages, the devices’ fast charging abilities are barely mentioned.
But Apple geeks or charging enthusiasts knew what the phones were capable of — 50% chargef in 30 minutes. Unfortunately, Apple required users to purchase an official first party Apple USB-C to lightning cable, and we all know Apple first party accessories are hilariouslky overpriced. For what it’s worth, any charging brick that has a USB-C output at the required wattage would do.
But good news! According to our source in China who works with one of Apple’s supply chains, Apple has finally loosened up its regulations and will allow iPhone X and 8 to support third party USB-C to Lightning cables.
Apple currently charges US$25 for its official USB-C to Lighning cables. Once Apple opens up third party support, users should be able to buy them elsewhere for around $10. We’d advise readers to stick with trusted brands like Anker, however, because USB-C pulls and outputs so much power it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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