We’re so excited for this new wave of wireless chargers. Today, we’re going to unbox the Zimi wireless charger today to give you a closer look. The packaging is just a classic cardboard box; simple and eco-friendly. A detailed product label is printed on the seal. The info states the model name is WTX10, made by Jiangsu Zi Mi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and has an USB Type-C input interface. The package comes with a charger, USB data cable, and user manual.

The actual packaging that holds the charger is a simple white box with an image of the wireless charger in the middle.

The same information that was written on the outside label is also printed on the back of the box.  

Comes with an USB type-C data cable, quick charger, and manual.

This Zimi wireless charger comes with a complimentary quick charger that supports 18W QC3.0 output.

After removing the film from the surface, you can immediately notice the smooth glass surface.

You can see this charger is made of high quality. It has an ultra-thin glass 2.5D processing for the shell and an USB Type-C input interface placed on the side.

Other surface areas, like the bottom and side, uses a matte non-slip plastic material.

We used our POWER-Z KM001 to test the Zimi Wireless Charger on multiple phones and came back with some very powerful results.

The Zimi Wireless Charger does not only look cool, but is quite powerful compared to other wireless chargers and it comes with a complementary 18W QC3.0 fast charger and USB Type-C cable. What more can you ask for really?


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