A render of Meizu’s upcoming true wireless earphones with its AirPod-like charging case.

Meizu is mostly known for its budget smartphones but the company has released some very solid budget wireless earbuds and headphones in the past. If recent leaks are to be believed, the Zhuhai-based company will have a new pair out soon, and it’ll be the company’s first true wireless earpieces.
Previously, Meizu’s wireless headsets still had a cable running between the two earbuds. This upcoming one, at least according to leaked information and renders, are truly untethered earbuds with an elongated leg and charging case that’s similar to Apple’s AirPods.
While most would agree AirPods are not the best looking wireless earbuds out there, but they do work extremely well, with easy pairing to Apple devices and sound quality that’s better than its tiny size suggests. Meizu’s track record of solid audio perforamnce gives us hope that it can at least replicate Apple’s success on that front.
According to the render, which was leaked from the supply chain, the earphones will have one button pairing and the charging case will be topped up via USB-C.
We’ll have more information as they break — stay tuned to Charger Lab.


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