Mophie’s new charge stream pad+ or iPhone X, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S9 and every other Android phone basically

Wireless charging has been available for Android phones for years, but after Apple (finally) adopted the tech for the iPhone X and 8, suddenly every third party charger maker are pumping out wireless chargers.
Last Friday Mophie announced a second generation update to its popular charge stream line of wireless chargers.
According to the company, the new product, named the charge stream pad+, is the world’s first wireless charger to support the fastest charging speeds for both Apple and most Android phones, in particular Samsung’s Galaxy S9 series.
This means the charge stream pad+ can pump juice into the iPhone X or 8 at 7.5W speeds wirelessly. For Androids, you can get speed up to 10W charging times.

You can now charge the iPhone X at its fastest speed.


It’s a great bedside companion.
Designed like most other wireless charging pads on the market, the stream pad+ is a circular pad with rubberized grip to keep the phone in place. It may not be original, but Mophie’s design is sleek, and the matte black finish is quite stylish.
The new product ships with a USB-A to micro-USB cable and wall adaptor. We would have preferred to see USB-C used, but maybe next generation. As of now, for US$59.99, this is a worthy consideration for those who want wireless charging for their iPhones or Androids.


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