Rumors about Xiaomi ‘s new Mi MIX 2S having wireless charging capabilities have been spreading around ever since they released the new Mi MIX 2S promo poster.The poster only announces that March 27th is the official launch date. Though it didn’t mention wireless charging explicitly, there was a lightening bolt symbol along with a round charging pad that looks similar to many of the wireless charging pads out. The speculations attracted much attention for the brand while everyone was trying to find confirmation to support the rumors. If the rumors are true, Xiaomi’s new wireless charging functionality could be one of their most anticipated features amongst their users.

It wasn’t until recently that Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s founder,  revealed the brand’s new feature for the upcoming MIX 2S on his website. This will be Xiaomi’s first mobile phone that supports wireless charging. Similar to the new Apple iPhones, the MIX 2S will support 7.5W wireless fast charging. However, it is still unknown if the fast charger will be included when purchasing the phone or have to buy separately.
When Apple announced that their new phones will support wireless charging and became an member of  the Wireless Power Consortium last September, it only had 244 members. Currently, the number of members have almost double (466) and Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd is one of those newly added WPC members. Though wireless charging is not a new concept, but ever since Apple made their new phones support wireless charging, there’s been a new crazed trend for wireless chargers.


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