Zendure is a premium powerbank and power adapter manufacture. Their products are known for the unconventional suitcase shape design and outstanding input/output performance. We have covered their new 100W powerbank A8PD Pro unveiled at CES 2019, but they also have a long-awaited multi USB-C port wall charger that could be the first in this class when hit the market.

100W USB-C Power Delivery charger is extremely rare on the market. The only one we can find is from Wacom. Yes, that Wacom, the company that make drawing tablet and stylus. It only has a single USB-C output, and the cable is not detachable. If you are interested, you purchase it on Amazon for US$72. Link: Wacom Power Adapter, USB-C 100W 

The Zendure ZD4P90DPD has two USB-C and two USB-A outputs. The USB ports are rated at 100W and 18W. The USB-A port has a maximum at 18W. The combined maximum output is 136W.
That means you can charge a high-end laptop like MacBook Pro 15 and a iPhone Xs Max in full speed simultaneously, while having two additional USB-A ports to charge other devices. This is quite impressive for its small size.

Product like this solve the issue we have had for years since the first batch of USB-C powered devices hit the market. There were nothing like this that can charge a laptop and a phone in full speed. We are quite excited when we see it finally becoming a reality. A review unit has been requested and we will provide a full review when we get one.

Purchase Zendure charging accessories on Amazon: Zendure


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