Apple replaced the older Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock in the Apple Store with a new model that still asks $79. They look identical and seem to have exactly same features, today we are unboxing and review the newer version to see what has been changed.

I. Unboxing

The usual white Apple packaging.

Instructions on the back of the packaging.

Input is 5V 1A.

We can see the charging dock after opening the box.

All the stuff inside the beautiful packaging.

USB-A to Lightning Cable, 2m(6 ft) in length.

The front of charging stand. The center flippable part is magnetic.

The back of the charging dock is covered with suede material. It adds grips to the dock and also has a nice premium feel.

Details around the center cutout. Designed by Apple in California.

The lightening input on the dock.

When the dock the horizontal.

When the dock is vertical.

The stainless steel magnet.

II. Test

First we use ChargerLAB POWER-Z MF001 to test the USB-A to Lightning cable included in the packaging. The Lightning connector is from JAE and the cable is manufactured by Luxshare Precision. We can also see the Serial Number can manufacture date from the device.

The when test the charging with the first generation Apple Watch 42mm. On the USB-A output side, we are using an Apple 12W USB Charger that came with the regular iPad.

The input for the USB Charger is only 1.36W. The actual power that is charging the Apple Watch is much lower than this.

We uses the ChargerLAB POWER-Z MF001 and its PC software to monitor the whole charging cycle. It takes total of 2 hours and 23 mins to fully charge the Apple Watch from 0% to 100%.

In the end, we want to see if it can wireless charge iPhones. It turns out the iPhone Xs cannot be charged by it. It is also a no go for Huawei and Samsung phones we have.


The new Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock do not seem to have any obvious improvements over the previous level, so it should be only internal changes. It still supports two placing angel for the Apple Watch. When being charged vertically, the Apple Watch can go into Nightstand mode automatically.

The cable part is detachable, so you can replace it with a shorter or a USB-C to Lightning cable based on your need.

Though it is on the expensive side for $79, it has a beautiful design and premium fell that worth considering buying.


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