During last year’s Apple product launch, the company gave us a glimpse of the upcoming AirPower Wireless Charging Pad. It’s scheduled to be released in February 2018.  As per usual, the tech giant have deliberately withheld a lot of information by giving the public very little clues about this upcoming product. Apple consumers have never experienced the 7.5W power charge or a multi-device charging device.
Though AirPower is not yet available, we have recently discovered that a tech company in Shenzhen managed to beat Apple to the punch by launching a ‘AirPower’ mini. This is the first and only wireless charging pad Apple consumers can enjoy at the moment. This mini ‘AirPower’ can not only juice up your Apple watch, but also your iPhone X simultaneously. The most significant difference with the AirPower is the size of the charging pad. In comparison with the AirPower shown on Apple’s official site, the version offered by the Shenzhen company seems far smaller.
According to insiders, the production of the mini ‘Airpower’ has already commenced and it works perfectly with the newly launched iPhone X. In addition, the mini version comes at a fairly affordable price tag of around $15. To give you guys a better idea of the price point, the Apple Watch wireless Charger is currently priced at $35. This can be news breaking as this product might be a excellent chance to end Apple’s monopoly on wireless charging accessories for its products.
About Apple’s AirPower
AirPower is a multi-device wireless charging pad which allows you to charge your iPhone 8/8 Plus, Apple Watch, AirPods all at once. More than that, AirPower can achieve the wireless charging performance of up to 7.5 watts. Other than the products offered by Belkin or Mophie, there are not a lot of choices available in the current market. Apple users ha you want to experience charging your Apple products at this powerful rate.

About Apple Watch Charger
The current Apple WATCH1/2, as well as the latest Apple Watch SERIES3, both use Apple’s latest patent-pending encryption methods. It uses a MagSafe wireless charger, which is attached to the back of Apple Watch by the magnetic field. With this method, it is charged the same as existing wireless chargers available on the market.
Technical challenges for the Mini ‘AirPower’
The Shenzhen manufacturer needs to overcome two technical challenges: the ability to support the iPhone X 7.5W wireless charging and be compatible with Apple Watch. Apple has always been very focused on security issues. Though the iPhone 8/8 Plus/X is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard, other unauthorized accessories can only be achieved by 5W power charge.


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