As the global leader in charging technology, ANKER has announced that its upcoming PowerPort PD chargers will use Cypress’ EZ-PD™ CCG3PA USB-C controller to deliver high-speed USB-C charging performance in smaller form factors for greater portability.

Cypress is the market leader in USB controller technology, and its USB-C controllers are being widely adopted by the world’s top-tier electronics manufacturers including ANKER. With the integration of Cypress’ EZ-PD CCG3PA with USB PD, ANKER’s new family of PowerPort PD chargers deliver up to 2.5x faster charging times than standard USB-C power adapters. And because the EZ-PD CCG3PA controller is compact with a highly-integrated architecture, this helped enable ANKER to reduce its own charger dimensions by up to 40%.

“Cypress USB-C controllers provide our engineering team with the design flexibility and programmability required to build ANKER’s new generation of USB-C fast-charging solutions,” said Steven Yang, CEO of ANKER Innovations. “The new PowerPort chargers are the most versatile yet and will allow our customers to charge virtually any USB-C device at full speed.”“ANKER is the recognized global leader in the charging market and these new products are an exciting showcase of the great benefits that our USB-C controller technology bring to our customers,” said Ajay Srikrishna, vice president of Cypress’ Wired Connectivity Business Unit. “The EZ-PD CCG3PA controller streamlines the design of USB-C power source products, making it the controller of choice for market leaders like ANKER.”

About Cypress’ EZ-PD Portfolio

Cypress is the number one leading supplier of USB technology and USB-C controllers. Cypress’ growing portfolio of EZ-PD USB-C controllers includes: CCG1 – The world’s first programmable USB-C controller CCG2 – The world’s smallest programmable USB-C controller CCG3 – The world’s most versatile programmable USB-C controller CCG3PA – The world’s most flexible USB-C power source controller for power adapters, power banks, and in-car chargers CCG4 – The world’s first two-port USB-C controller CCG5/CCG6 – The world’s first two-port USB-C solutions optimized for Thunderbolt PCs and docks BCR – The world’s first dedicated USB-C power sink controller for barrel connector replacement The EZ-PD portfolio was the first in the industry to support the latest USB PD 3.0 specification, which enables more robust end-to-end power delivery and charging solutions for laptop and mobile devices. Cypress also offers AEC-Q100 certified versions of the CCG2 and CCG3PA controllers for automotive-grade performance. USB-C is gaining rapid support with top-tier electronics manufacturers by enabling slim industrial designs, easy-to-use connectors and cables, the ability to transmit multiple protocols, and provide up to 100 Watts of power. The USB-C standard’s 2.4-mm-high connector plug is also significantly smaller than the current 4.5-mm USB Standard-A connector, enabling easier integration for a wider range of devices.

Source: businesswire


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